Cruising on Royal Caribbean, Legend of the Seas (Part I)

I hadn't been baking for a while now. Has been busy with my children, and last weekend, was on a cruise on Royal Caribbean, Legend of the Seas with my parents, sisters and their family and my family (total of 14 persons). My last cruise was seven years ago on Star Cruise, Aquarius. My previous impression of Star Cruise wasn't very good as the activities were limited, and the swimming pool was small. The room we stayed in was only with porthole window. The only thing I remembered doing was eating and dining. Even so, I didn't have much impression of the foods.

However, cruising on Royal Caribbean changed all my impressions on cruises! It was truly a fantastic experience. It was almost like "Club Med" on the move, even though I've not been on one. It's like all activities included, food included and programmes all planned out. Many people I knew who went on this cruise just raved about it! I'll be too!

Itinerary for this cruise that we took was stopover at Penang and Port Klang. I'll let the pictures paint that thousand words.
Pool at Deck 9
Sunrise at sea
Docked at Penang Port
My daughter putting at the mini 9-hole golf course
Seapass - Has information on your dining time, seat number, muster station (for emergency). Access to your room, use this to pay for all your purchases onboard, and your identity card to exit and re-entry into the ship.
View from my room
Room with balcony
Moving at high speed
My parents and son at the other room
Docked at Port Klang
Towel making workshop - dog, elephant & tortise
Rock Climbing - Me & my youngest boy.
 Rock climbing - My steady & brave daughter!
 Last night dining - An appreciation to all the waiting staff at "Romeo & Juliet"
 "That's Entertainment" Theatre
 Farewell Show
 Appearance of representatives of the crews onboard
 Almost full moon
 Night view of the pool
Indoor pool
 Moving at full speed
 Midnight putting on the last night
 View of Deck 9
 View of Harbourfront/Vivo City from my room
 Zoom to X'mas tree at Vivo City
 Zoom to Pinnacle @ Duxton
 Various types of staterooms, in case you're interested!
These were just some activities and facilities that we had done. There are also shops onboard. There were also separate activities for children of different age group (free). My children were under the "Explorers" programme where it varies daily. They only joined days 2 and 3 morning session as we wanted to do other activities onboard like golfing, rock climbing and swimming. My nephew won himself a gold medal during one of the play. They are quite generous in giving out prizes and souvenirs to the children.
My sisters and I also went to the sauna and steam at the spa centre. There is also a relatively large gym. There are two seawater pools - indoor and outdoor. There is also a jogging track at the top deck.

The foods that we had will be elaborated in the next post.


j3ss kitch3n said...
December 21, 2010 at 11:16 PM

wow this is really impressive you must have enjoyed yourself alot!

Passionate About Baking said...
December 22, 2010 at 12:09 AM

Hi j3ss,
Yes, this cruise liner is really wonderful. I had a truly wonderful time!

j3ss kitch3n said...
May 19, 2011 at 5:52 PM

wow this is really impressive you must have enjoyed yourself alot!

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