Birthday Cake #1

December is my favourite month of year. It is a month full of celebrations. All my children are born in the month of December. The eldest on 6th, and my Little Twin Stars (LTS) on 16th, and not forgetting Christmas too! I guess being twins, and being in childcare centre benefited them. They are able to have a celebration in the childcare centre, unlike my eldest, who had the privilege of being taken care of by his grandparents.

So on Saturday, I baked a Moist Chocolate Cake for LTS for their celebration with their maternal grandparents. I was at a loss of what to bake for them. I wanted to do three different cakes, but didn't know what to start with and how. Fortunately, Youfei suggested making a chocolate transfers. I did just that! I made a white chocolate autobot, freeze it and transferred it against the background of the chocolate ganache. It did stand out. My son finished up the whole autobot chocolate, but didn't even try the cake! This was only cake #1 in line. Two more cakes to go! How fortunate they are.


Ju (The Little Teochew) said...
December 14, 2009 at 6:29 PM

Wow, busy mommy! Happy birthday to all your little lovelies! They are all lucky to have a mom like you.

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