Peranakan Mee Siam Workshop

Armed with a carrier of empty containers, an apron and camera, I set out early morning on Saturday, looking forward to my mee siam workshop. I met up with my dear friend and her family for breakfast at Marine Parade. After breakfast, I set off to my mee siam workshop.

As the instructor was staying at the top most floor, the scenery, facing the sea was really marvelous. With my Fujifilm Finepix, I was able to zoom and captured them far far away!

Circled in red is the vessel with steam...

Zoom in 15x using my Fujifilm, I found the vessel with the steam up close!

Back to my mee siam workshop, there were 16 of us, quite packed I should think. This is roughly what I had captured.

1. Ingredients for frying the dry mee siam.
2. Blending the ingredients for rempeh for the mee siam gravy.
3. Mrs Fong showing us that after one round of soaking assam in water, there are still a lot of "fresh" stuck to the seeds.
4. Draining out the assam water.
5. Mrs Fong showing the correct way to hold the ladle when cooking the rempeh.
6. The real way of cooking mee hoon is using tongs. This is to maintain the "longness" of the mee boon.
7. Initial basic ingredients placed on the table when we arrived.

These were the final food presentation at the end of 3 hours.
Mee Siam gravy that was simmer for 1½ hours.

Peranakan Dry Mee Siam decorated by my groupmates. Sambal Chilli for Mee Siam cooked mostly by me.

Finally, a group photo with my wonderful groupmates with team efforts!


Rei said...
April 1, 2009 at 12:25 PM

The mee siam looks so good. Hungry! *stomach growl*

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