Saturday Bakes

It's Saturday again. Lately, I seemed to be baking "dough" related food. Cookies, quiches & tarts! These were what I did for Saturday!

1. Almond Cheese Tart
This recipe was extracted from Kitchen Corner. It looked really good. Unfortunately, I didn't do it well. Firstly, for the blending of the dough, instead of "bread crumbs like", mine were "watery". I added so much more flour to it. And when I blind baked it, it shrunk! When I saw that the crust was still usable, I proceed to make the cream cheese. Then I decided to halve the recipe. But ended up by puttin more cream cheese but less sugar & everything. I proceed to bake the tart. It turned out very beautiful physically. Unfortunately, it was tasteless! Crust was bland, cheese was bland. Neither sweet nor sour. Aiyoyo... it was a failure from the start! :p

2. Quiches
I made bacon, broccoli & mushrooms quiches for lunch. I used the crust from Rei's blog. It was really crispy and nice.

3. Valrhona Double Chocolate Chips Cookies
I tweaked the recipe a little from Joy of Baking. Instead of adding white chocolate chips, I added dark chocolate chips. As I've never been a fan of white chocolates, it was quite difficult to find it in my inventory. I baked this because my son kept asking me to bake "Subway" cookies. He likes this cookies that I had baked.


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