Another Cake

I baked another smaller cake for my hubby on Monday, while he was on course. This was to be shared with my parents-in-law on Wednesday when they come over. I used HHB's cake sponge. However, I thought it didn't turn out well because there were lumps of hardened unbaked flour at the bottom of the pan when I overturned it. I cut away the layer, then cut the cake into 2 layers.

To my surprise, it was quite pretty inside! :p I was pretty pleased. So I started frosting it. I used the Mousseline buttercream, and added quite a generous amount of mango puree to the buttercream. Added some passionfruit pulp, and called it, Mango & Passionfruit Cream Cake. Overall, the cake was really nice! The sponge was soft, the mango taste was prominent, and the passionfruit pulp was just right! This is called, discovery-by-luck!! :p


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