Homemade Coffee Extract

I've made Lemon, Orange and Vanilla extracts. I've also tried Pandan extract using the same method, but that failed on me. Maybe it was because I left it in the cupboard and long forgotten about it until the alcohol evaporated. So here I am, crazy about homemade extract, is my Coffee Extract. Here's how I made it.
Recipe for Homemade Coffee Extract, adapted from Joy in Our Journey.
(Makes a approximately 250g)

200g Vodka
75g Ground coffee beans

filter bag

  1. Pour measured vodka into the blender.  Add ground coffee.
  2. Blend for up to 5 minutes in your blender; but don't blend so long that the mixture gets too hot.
  3. Line a jar or container with a cloth or other straining fabric.
  4. Pour blended coffee mixture into straining bag or fabric.  Squeeze liquid from bag or fabric. 
Coffee Extract doesn't need to be refrigerated, and can be stored indefinitely for your baking and cooking uses.  After you have followed this recipe, it's completely ready to be used; there's no need to store this for months until it reaches potency.  However, you'll want to store your Coffee Extract in a dark cupboard or closet.


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